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Star Wars Online RPG
A browser based role playing game, based on Star Wars
Enter the Galaxy and begin your story, will you join the Jedi Order and seek to bring balance to the Force?
Or maybe turn to the Dark Side and join the Sith,
or perhaps even seek to rid the Galaxy of both factions once and for all, the paths to follow are limitless!
Star Wars Online RPG
One Ring Online
Welcome to One Ring Online, a browser based role playing game, 
based on the Lord of The Rings Books by J. R. R. Tolkien and Films by Peter Jackson based upon the books.
Please, enter Middle-Earth and see what you discover,
will you join the forces of Sauron and Mordor or fight to save the free peoples of Middle-Earth. Maybe even obtain the One Ring itself and either destroy it and all evil or use it to gain power and wealth. Elf, Man, Dwarf? Choose your destiny. Choose your path. Join us.
One Ring Online
Reign of Darkness
Come join us at Reign of Darkness, an RPG for the serious and mature roleplayer. Vampires, lycans, magic and more. Come and make your own supernatural experience. You're not limited here, let your imagination run wild and free!
Reign of Darkness
The Legend of Nathrynn
Where fun and fantasy are everywhere and the chance to make new friends are endless!
The Legend of Nathrynn
Inner Sinners
A place where your creativity can soar to its highest heights. Run wild, literally.
You are among kindred souls here. What're you waiting for, hm?
Create a character; enjoy paradise!

Inner Sinners
Forbidden Realm
Forbidden Realm - A Land of Fantasy and Faes. The Forbidden Realm is a land where fantasy and the modern age merge to create a world both splendid and unique. Home to a wide variety of creatures ranging from mortal humans to mythic beasts, and every kind of fae and monster imaginable. It is a land both mysterious and dangerous, weapons often used for self defense can range from swords and spells, to guns and rifles, but choose your weapons carefully for not every weapon is effective against every creature. In this realm you could find friends, but be careful of who you cross as there are enemies lurking around every corner.
Forbidden Realm
8 Online:
Spymaster Charity Ventrella
Apocalyptic Raizel Branwen
*The Chaotic Jester
Foreigner Drusilla
Foreigner Nacyra
Foreigner Oleander Windflower
Berserker Abel

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