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Legend of the Green Dragon
By Eric Stevens & JT Traub

LoGD version 1.1.2 Dragonprime Edition
MightyE tells you, "
Legend of the Green Dragon is a remake of and homage to the classic BBS Door game, Legend of the Red Dragon (aka LoRD) by Seth Able Robinson."

"LoRD is now owned by Gameport (http://www.gameport.com/bbs/lord.html), and they retain exclusive rights to the LoRD name and game. That's why all content in Legend of the Green Dragon is new, with only a very few nods to the original game, such as the buxom barmaid, Violet, and the handsome bard, Seth."

"Although serious effort was made to preserve the original feel of the game, numerous departures were taken from the original game to enhance playability, and to adapt it to the web."

"LoGD (after version 0.9.7) is released under a Creative Commons License, which essentially means that the source code to the game, and all derivatives of the game must remain open and available upon request. Version 0.9.7 and before are still available under the GNU General Public License though 0.9.7 will be the last release under that license. To use any of the new features requires using the 1.0.0 code. You may explicitly not place code from versions after 0.9.7 into 0.9.7 and release the combined derivative work under the GPL."

"You may download the latest official version of LoGD at DragonPrime and you can play the Classic version at http://lotgd.net."

You should attempt to use this code only if you are comfortable with PHP and MySQL and willing to manually keep your code up to date.

"Additionally, there is an active modder community located at DragonPrime which may help you find additional features which you may wish to add to your game. For these additional features you will find active support within the DragonPrime community."

"LoGD is programmed in PHP with a MySQL backend. It is known to run on Windows and Linux with appropriate setups. The core code has been actively written by Eric Stevens and JT Traub, with some pieces by other authors (denoted in the source at these locations), and the code has been released under a Creative Commons License. Users of the source are bound to the terms therein.
The DragonPrime Development Team took over responsibility for code development on January 1st, 2006 and continues to maintain and add to features of the core code.

"Users of the source are free to view and modify the source, but original copyright information, and original text from the about page must be preserved, though they may be added to."

"We hope you enjoy the game!"
About Xythen

Xythen; a peaceful realm, in which those who resided could live in harmony with one another. The unique races that had evolved and developed on the region thrived magnificently. As time expanded, the evolutionary process allowed for the residents of Xythen to create objects of epic proportion. In time, two scientists forged together to create a time travel device; unfortunately, when they attempted to test the stabilizer, something happened which was spectacularly unplanned.

A group of portals opened; swirling with an energy that could fuel a thousand generators for an eternity. These portals soon expanded throughout the region; expanding like a shock-wave towards the outermost regions of the realm. These portals were opening and closing through the space time continuum and soon - these portals began to engulf residents of other realms.

No one could predict where, or when, a portal will appear, as they had been known to go as far back as the very birth of a parallel universe, and as far as the death of the realm itself. The size of the portals could, and still can, be unpredictable as well. Most of them being able to whisk people away, while others can transport entire homes. However, there exists an endless number of diminutive portals that are unable to transport matter, but are vital in introducing to
Xythen a newfound resource: Mana, the essence of magic.

This, of course, was seen as frightening at first to the residents of
Xythen. The new technologies and knowledge that were brought forth from the portals was overwhelming to the residents that were there originally. However, in time, they began to realize how important it was for their cultures to mix, and how the diversity would allow the realm to grow. This would cause a new life to form in the realm; new technologies, new educational expansions, and new cultures that mix together with the original.

A little note about portals: There are over one hundred portals scattered throughout the forest region of
Xythen, as well as the more treacherous regions. These portals are very well hidden, however, and there are those who have been known to walk right by their opaque qualities - or even stumble into them unknowingly. Some of the creatures and individuals who transport themselves through the portals do not survive the journey from their origin to a city of life, and they cannot turn back - for as soon as they go through, the portal closes to either re-open, or completely vanish.

There are some - a very rare few - who have mastered the portals that reside around
Xythen. These individuals can travel from realm to realm and, in essence, travel back and forth through time. The only reason they have not caused a paradox issue, is the fact that once you leave Xythen through a portal you are the equivalent of a ghost to those around you.

However, the old society that had come to rest within
Xythen created a group of machines which lay dormant within the underground of Sylisten. These machines were the mental and spiritual replicas of those who found and raised Xythen from the ground; they were not happy with the innovation. They were displeased with the diversity that now spread across the land.

As the rage grew from within the underground, the machines rebelled against their homeland of
Xythen. They awoke the most treacherous war machine known to the people of the realm - an ancient construct that was mysterious to even themselves... The Tentromech. This giant structure resembled a gargantuan mechanical Kraken with countless powerful tentacles that allowed it to move across any terrain with ease, even lurking beneath the deep waters of Xythen's polluted oceans. The creature had an internal recycling system, which would make the automated guns especially vile. With its large suction cups, the Tentromech could swallow up resources and burn them down into fuel. This fuel could be used to push the internal factories that made the millions of bullets.

Tentromech lay waste across the realm, burning down cities, consuming its resources to power itself and departing, leaving behind an infertile, and barren wasteland. It destroyed city after city, easily laying ruin to the strongholds of each race, until eventually, all races were forced to live together in the handful of remaining cities. United by desperation, the diverse races of Xythen grouped together to form the first alliance ever against the old ways of the realm. Together, the alliance battled the Tentromech in one final monumental stand, risking everything for the sake of their home.

With luck, the alliance won the battle against the
Tentromech's and the Rebel Machines. Despite the great casualties, the alliance managed to confine the Tentromech into its original lair - a large mountain within a polluted lagoon filled with oil and waste products.

However, the mountain is not at all dormant to this day, even after the
Tentromech's was brutally damaged. The Rebel Machines work daily on repairing the Tentromech's structure, as well as once again reinforcing themselves a tremendous army that will one day lay chaos across the land.

And that is where you come in, young one. Destiny has been stretched across space and time, and has pulled you to the realm of
Xythen, where you - in this diverse, innovative age - may thrive to destroy the remnants of the old society and its war machine. Live and flourish, young creature - make your mark in the realm of Xythen.
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